Small Groups

small groups


Bible Baptist Church is committed to a strong, dynamic small group ministry that has a significant impact on:

  •    Connecting people
  •    The newcomers who enter our church
  •    Those who need healing and support
  •    The overall church as we grow “from the bottom up”
  •    The areas of disciple-making, worship, prayer, missions and evangelism
  •    Our community as the church moves beyond the church walls
  •    The church and the world as we train and mobilize leaders to make a difference


Affinity Groups

An Affinity Group is a gathering of people who possess a common interest of characteristics.  Young mothers, senior ladies, teachers, young people, singles, business professionals are all examples of people who naturally relate to others in their subgroup.  An Affinity Group exists when people of similar circumstance come together for the purpose of mutual support and growth in discipleship. 

Care Groups

A Care Group includes a broad focus and typically gathers for the purpose of community building, personal and corporate care, Bible study and ultimately, multiplication.  A Care Group is for anyone provided they are willing to grow and are able to fulfill the disciplines required by a particular group.

Discipleship Groups

A Discipleship Group tends to be small (2-4 members) and focused on personal and spiritual growth.  It is a ministry oriented only in the sense that those who have been discipled are free to go forth and minister because they have been empowered in their relationship to God and others.  This group is for those who are very serious about their faith and who are not afraid to make a deep commitment to relational accountability.

Ministry Groups

This type of group focuses on ministry, evangelism and missions.  It can take the form of a committee, a working group (like a group committed to helping the homeless, etc.) or a small group that regularly engages in ministry or evangelism.  Outreach teams, a prayer ministry, evangelism, a food pantry ministry, events committees would all be examples of Ministry Groups.

Special Needs Groups

The church can be viewed as a hospital – helping people to become whole in relation to self, others and God.  Special Needs Groups place the primary emphasis on relational and emotional healing. 

Examples of Special Needs Groups:

  •  Alcoholics Anonymous
  •  Al-Anon
  •  Prison ministry
  •  Divorced people
  •  Recent widows or widowers